Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Fourth Judicial District Court, Violations Bureau :

Thank you for being ridiculous on the phone this morning and for making a simple issue/mistake into a big deal.

It was great how the lady you hired to answer your phones dislikes people and her job. She made that clear. I can see why you hired her. She made sure I felt like a jerk, even though I am technically her customer.

I love to call the governement of the state that I pay high property taxes in, and be treated like an inconvenenience and a five year old. That is a real treat.

I especially loved when your phone representative informed me in a rude tone, "Until this is cleared up you can be arrested when you are pulled over, this is your responsibility."

Apparently, the fact that I was calling her, offering to write a letter and informing her that I have been 2,700 miles away from the citation spot for a number of months, and that I sold that Ford in 2004, was not a good start to taking responsibility. At least not in her opinon.

I left her with this, "Ma'am, if I get pulled over in Minnesota, you can feel free to arrest me. Thanks for your friendly and helpful attitude today, it has been a true pleasure speaking with you." "Please raise my taxes and add it to your paycheck, you deserve it!"

Okay, I did not say the last part. But I wish I had.