Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Baby update

We took a tap-tap to the home of the orphaned baby who needed formula. We dropped off a can and checked on her. She looks great (tiny, but Haitian babies are tiny) and is not running a fever. We found out her name is impossible for white people to pronounce correctly. Troy and I agree that we have no good idea of how to spell or say it --- but it starts with "LOVE" -- lots of kids have the word love in their name here.

Baby Love-something, is good and getting better. Troy and I had been so worried that if she really had not eaten for four days she would certainly die.

So when the family came to get formula this afternoon, Troy was not here and they left without talking to me. That is why we went to find them tonight. Troy asked "This baby did not eat for four days?!?!?" Because that seemed impossible, for as good as she looked. The cousin said no, no, that she had run out of food yesterday --- so it was more like a few hours without anything and just 36 hours with the wrong kind of milk. All is well. Troy held her while we stood and chatted in the darkness outside of their little hut. We are not sure why the family members yesterday said it had been days without food but it could also be a translation issue. Just wanted to report the good news. We just give one can of formula at a time so we can moniter how much they use and better discern if the baby is getting it. In the past we have known of people who steal formula to re-sell it. So, one can at a time, and we will keep you posted on how she does. ~Tara

Psalm 46:1 - God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.