Friday, February 24, 2006

Thursday was Salon Day at the Mission

Hope fell off the swings and into the dirt. Her braids were caked with dirt so we had to unbraid it and wash it while she screamed. We need to find Madame Maxo tomorrow to help us fix her back up again.
Having fun being silly while her big sisters laugh at her very tall afro.Troy is at my mercy. Great Clips has been over-charging him ... this hair cut does not require any professional training. I only made one mistake; it is on the back of his head so he does not even know! :-)

Today we are all taking off for Port au Prince together. We are bringing some people to the hospital there and while they have their appointment we will take Poukisa and Peanut to the veteranarian in Petionville. Everyone wants to come along. It should prove to be entertaining and challenging (read: stressful).

Fun, fun...the Livesay traveling circus is headed to PAP!