Thursday, February 23, 2006

A story - Paige wants to tell

Paige had such a fun time on Wednesday that she wanted to tell you about it ---- I (Tara) am typing for her as she speaks, she says it is too long to type by herself and she wants to tell it before she forgets --- here she is word for word:

Yesterday my friend Watson, who is the 4th grade teacher, asked me to come to his English class that he has for the teachers after school. (He teaches the teachers English.) --- I said “sure� “if they can learn English, I can learn Creole too.� So the class started at 1 o’clock. I was there a minute early and the class had not started yet, Watson was not around. So, I came up to my house for a bit and went back down at 1:08 --- and he said “You’re late� in a very serious way. But I was late because I thought he must be on Haitian time. So then the class started and I took a BUNCH of notes (my hand hurts). During the class Watson asked me to read the notes and he would say “Is that right?" after he tried to say the English words and I would say “NO� because he never pronounces the letter “R� in English words. They say a “W� in place of the “R.�

Then I would like have the teachers repeat after me until they said the English words correctly. During the middle of the class the 3rd grade teacher asked me if I would come to her class on her break tomorrow at 10am, I said “sure�. (She wants my individual help with her English tomorrow during her break.) Then, like 15 minutes later ANOTHER teacher asked me to come help them on their break! I had Watson interpret for me and I said “I can help you, but I JUST TOLD HER, I would help HER at that time.� Then they all laughed their heads off, I don’t get what was so funny. SO, I said “I will have to come to you before my other appointment “… so now from 10 to 10:30 I will be teaching English to grown-ups.

At the end of class today, Watson said; “Do you know how to pway?� and I said “HUH????� He spelled it and said �P- R – A – Y? Do you know how to pway?� But then I knew he meant PRAY – so I said; “Yes, I know how to pray, do you?� He said “yes, I do too. But will you pray for us before we leave to go home?� I said “sure� and prayed for the teachers before they left. I thanked the Lord for the teachers and that they were learning English and that they would all get home safely and that they would all come back tomorrow safely. Then when I said "Thank you" to them for inviting me, they all laughed again … they laugh at me but I don’t know why. My mom says it is because I am so cute. Well, now I better go study my Creole because my teacher, Watson, is quite strict. But I will say; they are just as bad at English as I am at Creole!
(The photo is of me and Watson.)