Wednesday, February 08, 2006


(Photo taken Tuesday. We heard donkey's and mule's were used to carry ballots to remote mountain area polling places. This is the major way of transporting things in this part of Haiti, if you don't have a donkey you put it on your head.)
Some missionaries from the St.Marc area just stopped by to welcome us to Haiti and invite us to a Bible Study on February 19th. Paige got pretty excited to hear that there are other families with kids her age. We were asking them about their thoughts on the elections ... all of us are clueless but we wanted to see what other clueless people thought about this country and its election process.

They say if there is a chance of getting out of it without the "run-off" that it would mean Preval had won. Preval is the candidate of the poorest of the poor and all of the trouble that has been caused is mainly people who believe that because they are poor and come from the slums the rich will make it hard for them to vote, so that the rich man's candidate can win. (Baker is the rich man's guy.) What is truth and what is inflated whining, is impossible to tell. We have no idea if the results will be legit. How do you know what is truth? Democracy is a concept that has been nearly found, and then lost here, over and over with coup after coup.

The other missionaries we met say, they just hope we have a winner so it can be done and people will go back to work and back to school and move on with life.
(Can you tell Noah is taking a marathon nap today?)