Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Morning

We woke up to the strong smell of burning garbage. All of the garbage this house creates gets burned just up the hill from the house. One more reason to get Jack potty trained as quickly as possible! Gross.

We had a great night of rest, no one woke up screaming. Thank you Lord! Britt and Paige are off doing school work in their rooms. The three little ones are playing on the patio.

Today we feel much less frazzled. Thanks for your prayers regarding adjustment. It is not a small thing, I think I underestimated that. It will probably take months before some things seem normal.

We were unpacking some boxes from the container last night. There are not many clocks around here so Lifeline (when we say Lifeline, we mean Arnold - the founder & Donald, the director - they are our two "bosses") sent down 20 clocks.

We were excited to unpackage them and hang a few. We opened the box and found that the clocks are a pharmacuetical promotional item. Of all the drug posssibilites, they advertise Zoloft! We got a good laugh about that, if ever you wanted an anti-depressent this would be the country to have one! Troy thought maybe just looking at all the Zoloft clocks throughout the day would be good enough. ;) Ha.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is finally election day. The former President left in early 2004, leaving an interim government to run the country. Haiti has been without a solid government (or system of democracy) for 200 years so it is very easy to just shrug it off and ignore the whole thing because it seems hopeless that anything could change.

We just know that God has the answers and He knows. Our obligation, or part to play, is just to pray that His will would be done. Mainly we are praying that people go vote and that there is not violence or un-rest as a result of the elections. The UN and Police are out in stronger force, we saw a lot of blue helmets on our way out here on Friday, pray for them too.

Lastly, we feel totally safe. We are very far removed from the city and removed from the main roads north. Our little village feels like it is somehow removed from the chaos. People are doing their jobs, caring for their children and are not interested in protesting or causing trouble.