Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday in review

Hey Everybody-
For those of you who spent the day concerned about my mental health ... just thought you should know I still have not needed to resort to eating the Zoloft clock.

I am fine.

Lunch and dinner was approved by the mission team that is here. They even went as far as to say they LOVED my dinner. Now THAT is funny. Maybe Troy paid them off.

This is the little baby that lost her Mommy. She came for her next can of food today. She is receiving formula and is doing well. Lifeline does not offically have a program to feed infants. Troy and I are hoping to start one. We purchased some formula with a surprise one-time gift we got and we are going to try to give out one can a week for anyone who comes and says they need it. We trust that God will provide enough formula for the people who show up. That seems to be the way His provision works.
Tonight's Sunset. I almost missed it! It was a good one.
These are the liars that said they liked my dinner. I am proud to say that I prepared enough food for the 14 people I fed tonight and no one was left hungry. Like the email my dad sent today said: "I can cook all things through Christ who strengthens me." Funny dad, very funny. Tomorrow morning we lose the two friends Paige brought home yesterday and gain four new people. Cooking for 16 tomorrow. cannot screw that up even if you try.