Sunday, February 12, 2006


Not much to report today. We had a family day; had church together then drove 30 minutes (10 miles) up the coast to a private beach "resort", called Wahoo Bay. My friend found a review for Wahoo on the internet, the most amusing review was from someone who gave it 3 out of 5 stars but then mentioned that they did see a rat. All things being relative, I guess that person did not find rats to be reason enough to give a bad review. Twisted.

We swam and played and then came home. Lifeline's 4th grade teacher joined us and we enjoyed getting to know him better. It was cloudy on and off here today and looked like it would rain, but it never did. Britt is now painting her room and the rest of the tribe has gone to bed.

Jokes from last week that are overused & no longer amusing:
1.Who used all the hot water?
2.Can we order pizza tonight?

CONGRATULATIONS to our friends, Erik & Nicole Vik on the birth of Gabriel Andrew Vik! We wish we were there to squeeze all 3 of you!

(Photo of a little girl in uniform, from Lifeline school.)