Sunday, February 05, 2006

Troy's Pledge

Hey- Happy Sunday!

We went to church. Britt held the tiniest baby girl during the entire service. Her mother died during childbirth so there was a relative caring for the baby. Hope said "She sure is precious." Noah loved the music and stood in the aisle doing his goofy white-boy dance ... he looked like a fool but we were laughing our buns off.

We are having a quiet afternoon at the house. Troy is off getting the two 55 gallon drums filled up with diesel before we run out and lose our generator/electricity supply. That is about 30 minutes away so he did not go to Port for it. When he gets home he is hanging everyones pictures up and finishing the last few things we have left to set up our space.

About the title of this blog seems that Troy thinks he should wear ugly shirts most of the time in Haiti. He is taking pride in wearing colors and patterns that he would never wear at home. Today for church he wore a normal shirt, but when you see him on the blog in really hideous shirts, just know that I do not dress the man -- and he is getting a kick out of his new plan to wear shirts that he would never wear in the Untied States. He has one mauve one that is especially ugly. I think that he was wearing it the day he did payroll so the photo shows it, but does not do its hideousness justice.

We took some photos at church today and will try to get them on the blog tonight.
Sending Love North-