Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quick Post

I only have a few minutes. I NEED to get on the treadmill for a bit during nap-time. Just wanted to show you our kitchen since I had not done that yet. This kitchen was made for someone who knows what they are doing ... not a dummie like me but oh well, I guess God has a marvelous sense of humor. (Photo taken today.)

This day has been crazy. A big difference between school days and non school days. A quick run down on some of the morning excitement. A lady came down the mountain to ask for money. She had (had is the key word) 11 kids, 2 living children remain. She has no money and wanted help to feed herself & the 2 children. Lifeline has some ability to help, in some situations, but unfortunately in order to be successful as a minisry, you have to stay focused on your main mission. Lifeline feeds and educates children first, children from this area and the near-by villages.

We rarely hand out money, (almost never) it is not a good idea for many, many reasons. When people like this show up we can offern them a few things. A "love bundle" usually contains peanut butter, a towel and a few other non-perishable goods. We can give those out anytime, all year because at Christmas time we got a new shipment in of 5,000 love bundles. In addition to that we can pray with them and for them. Troy thinks we will get used to the requests and get used to knowing how to answer and help in some small way. Right now it just feels strange.

The propane stove tops down in the "canteen" where the food is prepared are having issues. Four are not working. Troy spent some time trying not to get burned while figuring out what is wrong with them so he can order new parts. It is 1:30 here so most of the excitement for the day is over. The kids finish school by 2 and leave the property, the cooks clean up and go home.

I always have lots of thoughts swimming in my head that I want to share --- but nap time is two hours and I gotta get running before I lose my chance. Enjoy your Thursday afternoon. Also, I told Troy to get on here and share his thoughts, he keeps saying he will ... stay tuned.