Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here we go again...

Troy just called. He is on his way home from Port. He said things are good there. He said there were a few road blocks where people were celebrating. When you celebrate do you stand in the road to do it? I don't. I am all about celebrating at my dining room table.

If you have really congested, bumpy, more than insufficent roads; why do you want to stand on them and make everything harder for the people trying to use the roads? This must be cultural. I am a dumb blan so what do I know!

Troy was working on getting our visas (not the kind you charge things with, the kind that allow you to be in a foreign country for an extended period). He was looking for parts for the propane cook tops in the canteen. He was getting some money to pay the teachers their yearly bonus. He was also getting Britt her final gallon of paint and a couple other items to allow her the organized room she is accustomed to having.

The last goal of the day was to go visit the "dog guy". All across Minnesota friends and family are shaking their heads. We have a bad record with dogs...but in our defense I think we picked the wrong dog last time. "Benny" the Pomeranian only lasted three or four months with us in Zimmerman. Benny needed to go live with someone who had patience for horrid behavior.

Our first dog, Farley was a good dog but Cocker Spaniels are not too fond of kids being adopted and born into the family, when they think *THEY* are the center of the family. Farley had to go to Grandma and Grandpa Livesay where she could escape the six little hands that always wanted to grab at her.

So ... all of this is just to say that we are trying again. Troy has a dog in the truck with him, heading to LaDigue. I don't have tons of details but we will post some photos and name this animal soon. The arguing over the name has already begun.

Troy spent much of his day with Eddie, so we are hoping to hear some funny stories when he gets here.