Friday, February 10, 2006

Feeding Program Photos

The Lifeline Ministry began as a feeding program only.

The ministry began when our founder visited Haiti and knew he had to do something to help. The program began when he hired a Haitian lady to meet 12 kids each day and feed them lunch under a tree.

It has since grown into a program that feeds an average of 1,000 children five days a week. All of the food is prepared here on site. Some of it is eaten here and some of it is taken (after it is cooked) to satellite locations and schools. (It is transported in five gallon buckets by a man named "No-no" who is our delivery guy.)

The program is set up to feed the children in our school and surrounding schools first. These children have sponsors that provide their school and meal for $20 per month. After all of the school children have been fed then other local children who are not in school can come eat too. (The ones who are not in school are either not enrolled because their parent does not want them to be OR they do not have a sponsor yet.)

These photos are all of kids that come to eat after the school kids are done. In Haiti school kids must wear uniforms so you can easily tell which kids are school kids and which kids are not enrolled. For most children in this village the meal they eat here is their only meal of the day.

Today after lunch when the village kids came in I had the chance to hug and love on a little guy who looks so sad & withdrawn. It is the third time I have seen him and today he had a shirt (only a shirt) on for the first time. His belly is big and distended. We'll post those photos later. We are off to the prayer rock for some family time. Have a wonderful weekend! We love you all and appreciate your prayers, thoughts and support. God gave us awesome friends.