Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Good Afternoon-
No time to proof this or mess around with witty writing & photos.

I just wanted to quickly post a need that came up today that we think will be on-going.

Remember that baby that Britt was holding the very first Sunday she was here? There is a photo of her in early February holding a baby in church.

That baby is six weeks old now. The mom died giving birth. A cousin is taking care of the baby. We had given the cousin a couple of cans of formula since we met them that Sunday. We assumed she would be handling it from there, especially since we did not see her again last Sunday, or hear from her again.

Today at 5pm a few of the relatives of this orphaned baby, came to tell us they need formula. They have been out of it for FOUR DAYS! My jaw dropped open. I cannot understand why they waited this long to come tell us. Because it was so late in the day we could not get to the two closest towns that sell formula so we gave them powdered Carnantion milk --- which we know is NOT what a baby needs. Tomorrow we will get formula but for tonight we just did what we could. Please pray for this little girl. Last I knew they had not named her but I will check tomorrow to see if they have since I last checked.

If you ever feel moved to mail something to us via AGAPE mail. (See post from Monday 2/20) Please consider adding a can of formula. Mom's sometimes die here, or if they live, they have trouble producing enough milk for their babies. This is something that will always be needed and we promise to use it responsibly and get it to people who need it. We can buy formula here but it is more expensive than in the U.S.
Gotta run-