Tuesday, February 28, 2006

God's Business

Tonight the team (along with Troy) are in the village praying for the mentally ill girl we talked about last Friday. They also prayed for a woman next door that has lost her baby but has not miscarried yet, she is getting an infection and needs healing.

"Is God still in the business of miracles?" This is what is written on the jacket of the book I am currently reading. What do you think? If you believe the Bible than you know He was the God of miracles in Bible times. But do you think He is now?

Does He still multiply food, send financial resources where there were none, & heal the sick?

In our short time here we have seen some pretty amazing things. Things that make no sense. We believe God still does miracles, we believe He does them daily all over the world. We believe He cares for each and every child in Haiti just the way He cares for our kids.

What He chooses to heal, and what remains broken are a mystery to us. We just know that if you don't ask Him for help and healing, chances are, you won't receive either. Faith is the belief in things "unseen." We cannot see God, but we feel His presence. We believe in modern-day miracles.

We are so pleased and blessed to be here working and watching God work. In choosing to trust God daily, we find we are learning more about Him and ourselves. There is peace, and there is power in it, all at the same time.

Here is a photo from this evening. Paige has taken a REAL liking to our newest guests. These three are Lifeline "old timers" and have been to Haiti too many times to count. They have found a fast friend, in Paige, who is just hanging out with them and playing game after game. She is not nearly as big of a smack-talker with these folks as she is with us. It is good to see she can control the smack talk when it is appropriate. She came in, to get a new game, and I said "You ought to be asking them questions about their childhoods and learning something from those wise old people." She said "Oh, I AM! One of the ladies has a whole life-time testimony." Whatever that means? I am hoping she fills me in later. :) So cute to see her sitting there playing card games with them. She is the Julie McCoy of this family, all social skills and loves chatting people up.

Noah, Isaac and Hope are getting smothered with attention from our guests. One of the older ladies is just flirting with Noah and he totally has her number. She said "Oh, you...look at you, you've got sugar in your cheeks, I know you do you're so sweet." HA! Riiiiiiiiiight. That is the same kid that walks around saying "I'm MEEEAN -- I'm MEEEAN." Clearly he has pulled a fast one on our kind visitor. He's like his daddy that way, very tricky and flirty.

Isaac asked me today "Mom, what orphanage did Peanut come from?" After having Paige's friends here, and over-hearing some oprhanage talk with the team, he is thinking all things originate at an orphanage.

The tacos were superb and plentiful. Thank you very much. Britt is making pancakes for the whole crew in the morning. We are having Haitian cooking tomorrow, my first real up close look at how it is done. Not that I plan to ever make goat ... but it will be interesting to watch, at the very least.

Not much more to report for today. The plumbers & electricians got a taste of Haiti today when they realized half of what we planned to buy was not available because of it being Fat Tuesday. Lots of places were closed. Everything took twice as long as it should have. They are neat guys, very patient and kind ... plus, to their credit they brought really good junk food/candy/snacks that they are sharing with us.