Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two Notes

On a serious note: Prayer requests
~For Troy while he prepares for our invasion and comes to PAP to get us
~For safe and uneventful air travel for the six of us (that Noah would sit still - or at least not make everyone on the plane hate us)
~For safe travel while driving from PAP to LaDigue
~For the adjustments we’ll make as we settle in to our new life in Haiti
~Thanksgiving for the numerous answers to prayer thus far
~Bon Dieu Bon! (God is good!)

On a not so serious note:

You know how when you are on vacation, or maybe it is a special occasion, you justify eating more dessert and more in general? You say things to yourself like “It’s a holiday� or, “I won’t be on vacation forever.�

Well, here is the deal … I found excellent reason to justify many, many extra servings of brownies and ice cream in the last few weeks. The problem is that it started WAY too soon. Four plus weeks of saying things to myself such as,
“There is not an easy way to get ice cream in Haiti� or “There are no restaurants like this in Haiti� or “Chocolate is not so easy to come by in…� You get the idea. Maybe, just maybe, brownies with ice cream at 11pm for four weeks straight would cause some weight gain. Gluttony…bad, bad, and bad.

I have definitely made the most of my last days of living in a country of vast prosperity. But, because of my long-term justification of consuming massive amounts of food; I wanted to give Troy a “heads up.�

Here it is. Do not look for the Tara you said goodbye to in Minneapolis on Jan. 18th. Look for someone who looks a bit more like Jiminy Glick than your wife. See you soon baby! I can’t wait to squeeze you! ~Tara~