Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday in LaDigue

Here are the photos from this morning. We
were bummed to find out that the family pictures we took outside of the church did not turn out. The little baby Britt is holding is a girl who looked to weigh about 7 pounds and is being cared for by the lady sitting next to Britt with the straw hat. Church is very interesting, we cannot figure out if they follow any sort of "order of service" or not. The singing is the most fun. Our plan is to attend church here at Lifeline twice a month to show our support for this congregation but to go to PAP twice a month and do groceries and church at an English speaking church outside of Port au Prince, in Petionville. We'll see if that ends up happening, plans sort of seem to go by the way-side here.

Today at church Noah picked up on the "amen's" and since the word is the same in Creole and English he got a kick out of joining in with an Amen when he could. He also seems to enjoy saying "Bon Swa" every chance he gets --- that is "good afernoon."

Isaac had some night terrors or something last night. Tonight is off to a better start so we are praying that this is not something he will struggle with here. Hope is great and seems at home. Noah seems needy of Troy and a bit worried or insecure. We think all of this moving has been confusing for the boys.

Britt and Paige both seem to be doing pretty well and enjoying all the odd things you see and hear here. The roosters are retarded and crow all night long ... we all thought roosters crowed in the morning only, but that is not so in LaDigue. (Noah calls them puppies.)

Paige had one moment of tears today over a little boy in the village. He is sick and dying and has gotten much worse since we saw him in September when Paige was here. He has HIV and just sits in his wheelchair and looks so sad. Paige said "I just want him to get better or go be with Jesus, there is no point in him being here in pain." We hugged our way through it and she is fine now. The sad things are all around us so it will be something to learn to cope with for all of us.

We'll keep you posted as often as possible.
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