Monday, February 20, 2006

Retraction & Livesay Dog - Final Upgrade

Okay, the retraction first. (For the news junkies, you will understand what I mean when I say; this is a retraction of Dan Rather proportions.)

Am I embarassed? You better believe I am.

Pouki, the Golden Retriever, is not pregnant. Late last week I said "as sure as I live in Haiti, that dog is pregnant." That is a strong statement. Yet, I seem to be very wrong. Today we think there is a 5 - 10% chance she is pregnant. What we have on our hands is a dog with larger than normal breasts, and a few other peculiar issues. My bad. Please accept my apology for false reporting about the new dog. I will, for the record, state that I still find bringing home a dog, that COULD be pregnant, to be an odd thing to do. Done and done. Apology Accepted? (The dog will be going to a vet this week to try and determine the cause of her condition.) She is an awesome dog, nothing like Benny. She is gentle with the kids and calm and nice...oh, and she listens.

Because Pouki is so nice we decided we needed to challenge ourselves with a second dog. Pouki has not barked once since we got her so she really is not the "watch dog" we were looking for. Our friends, John and Beth McHoul are in the business of Mastiff's. We have aquired one of their "grand-puppies." Photo above shows the kids (but not really Hope) with the new dog. The kids have decided to call the new dog, Peanut. Pouki and Peanut (who will grow to be the largest dog in La Digue and the surrounding villages) are settling in nicely. The kids are happy. That makes the parents happy. When you don't have TV you have much more time for pets.

That's the update for Monday.

PS- Check out the nasty owie Noah got today. He took an award-winning fall down the gravel steps. I gave him the reward of having it cleaned out while he screamed. No good.