Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday - Whoa!

I am avoiding deciding what to do first. I have seven hundred choices.

As much as you mentally prepare yourself it still hits like a ton of bricks. This will be a massive lesson in patience and flexibility and learning to live without. The cold showers were a hit last night because everyone was hot. This morning, when the water was gone as Troy was pulling out, I chased him down and asked him to give us water to clean and do laundry today ... he says I have 400 gallons now. How long does that last?

As far as drinking water ... we are out soon so hopefully Troy gets back this afternoon before the kids clean us out.

I made milk for the cherrios this morning. No one thought it was such a great tasting thing. They all said they could get used to it though.

Isaac and Noah both seem to have a cough but are still riding up and down the patio/porch as fast as they can on the little bike we sent down.

Hope really seems Haitian to me now. Isaac is a little more wierded out but Hope acts like she is not the least bit affected by being here. That is Hope though. She is tough and always has been.
Dad - since I cannot access yahoo today I wanted to tell you that Isaac got real sad on the ride up here yesterday and said "I miss my papa." I thought you might like to cry again since we've all barely done that at all in the last few days. ;) Waaaaaahhhhh.

Britt and Paige are starting to scope out the way they want to set up their bedrooms. Britt has her own bathroom so she is pretty excited about that.

As Troy left to bring the Amish Team back to the airport so they could get out of here before election day, a man came up and said to Troy "There is a baby down there that is going to die if you don't go help today or tomorrow." Troy seems to be a different guy to me ... he said okay, and said he would go see about it this afternoon ... his response would lead you to believe that he had heard that his whole life ---- God must be equipping him. The other thing, yesterday when we were in trafic outside of PAP this truck would not let us in, so Troy just rolls down the window, sticks his head out and yells at him in creole that he had better let us in ... the guy listened. I said "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?" He just laughed.

Troy has easily lost five pounds since I last saw him ... aahhh, the Haitian diet. Work hard all day in circumstances that more than challenge your abilities and then eat food that you're not all that interested in.

We know that these first few weeks will be hardest. We know that our God is greater than any of these problems and changes we face. We thank you for your prayers and we beg you to keep praying.
Pressing In,