Friday, February 17, 2006

Livesay Dog 3.0

Troy intended to buy a German Shephard puppy. Until he found out the "dog guy" wanted $650 (U.S.) for those puppies. RIIIIIGHT. People with a bad track-record with dogs, supported by nice people like you, do not buy expensive pets. At least not THREE times. she is. Actually, I should say; here THEY are. Troy made a decision to take this pure-bred Golden Retriever, because she was free. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

The catch; this dog is pregnant. She was turned in to the dog guy because her owner left the country for a new assignment elswhere, and did not know what to do with her. Dogs are not pets in least not to Haitians because it is not practical to spend your limited resources on a pet.

I guess Troy did this, in keeping with our policy of making only ridiculous decisions, when it comes to pets. I liked her until I saw her pregnant looking dog breasts and asked Troy "Is this animal pregnant?" Troy respnded with "Well, yeah...maybe,the guy said she could be." Now that is funny. As sure as I live in Haiti, that dog is pregnant. I now understand why not very much information was given to me over the phone when Troy called as he was leaving Port yesterday.

Here is what I know about dogs giving birth to puppies, and breeding dogs, or anything of the sort:


So Britt and Troy were on the internet researching until midnight. They are convinced this is not a problem and that we will be able to get rid of the puppies. Except for the one they want to keep. The puppies will be Boxer and Golden mixed ... according to the guy who said that she "COULD" possibly, be pregnant. This guy seems to have an awful lot of information about it, considering he is only speculating about the possible prenancy.

Troy got punked. Worse yet, I got punked.

The kids are giddy and think this is the greatest thing they have ever heard. We have no idea when the puppies are due. Sounds like a bunch of fun, doesn't it?

She has been named. The full name is Poukisa Norma Livesay. The dog will go by "Pouki. " (Pronounced Poo-Key) Poukisa is the Creole word for "WHY?" Which is what I am asking myself. Norma is after Uncle Norm who also got tricked when he, and Aunt Char designated money to go towards our dog; our free dog.