Saturday, February 11, 2006

Can someone please book a flight and bring us a cat?

It happened. We made it through it and I am now calm enough to share.

Last night we were sitting in our family room about 9pm. We were listening to a James Mc Donald (Walk in the Word) sermon that we downloaded. I was laying on the couch and I sat up straight and said "I just saw a mouse."

Of course I got no support from my beloved family. As much as I described what I had seen and that I thought I saw it run into my bedroom, they mocked me and laughed. They all said I was nuts.


I did my best to go along with them and pretend that I had not seen one. The denial method is my method of choice when it comes to coping with rodents. I was using the bathroom before bed and Troy said "Taaaara?" I said "what?" He said "You are right, I see it under your treadmill."

Pandamonium set in.

No, not really. I just ran out of the room. By the time Troy found a broom it had moved. We set traps all over the bedroom and shoved towels under the door crack to trap it in the room and went to bed on the couches in the living room.

4:30 am I hear slap, blap, slap, slap, whap. "Trrrrroooooyyyyyy, it is in a trap" Troy is lying when he says that he is not afraid of mice. He was not excited to go in there. He paced around for five minutes first.

When he did go in he discovered that it was either a mouse with a serious steroid habit or a rat, the thing was huge. He beat it with a piece of wood until it died and put it in a garbage bag. We were back to sleep by 5am.

If anyone from TDS telecom is reading this, I have one questions: Is Troy's job still available? Let me know.


PS- For the record, I never cried.
PPS-We need a cat but they don't exist here. Please ship one to us asap.