Saturday, February 11, 2006

Trip to PAP

We ran (using the word loosely ... it takes two hours to go 30 miles) into Port au Prince today. We had a few things we hoped to accomlish. Britt wanted paint for her room. Isaac wanted a bike because the little one we sent down is being fought over constantly. We needed groceries, especially butter and meat. (rat traps too) You cannot get good meat many places, PAP is one of the few spots to find something that comes close to what you find at home. We found everything we were looking for! The bike was a total rip-off but we are not exactly in a place where competition drives fair prices. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

At the "Eko Depot" we got paint. The UN troops were in there shopping and wanted photos of Noah. We are not sure why but since they asked us we asked them. These are Jordanian soldiers.

The Eko Depot is right near the orphanage (no longer an orphanage) that Ike and Hope are from. So we drove by and took this photo of them outside of the building. What an odd feeling to be there.

On the way home Paige and Isaac sat in the back of the truck (their request, don't worry we have a lock on the cage) --- Ike fell asleep. Noah loves the truck. He can see everything out of the windows. He loves to wave at people and shout Bon Swa and Bon Jou ---- Haitian people in general seem to think he is pretty interesting. He gets the most smiles out of people.

These last photos are of the little guy from yesterday that comes to eat in the program each day.
We are unloading our goods and putting some tired kids down for nap. We will also put out the 400 varieties of rat traps that we bought today.