Saturday, February 11, 2006


(Tonight's Sunset from our patio.) (Ocean 3 miles out.)

We had such a great day today. We all agree that we belong here. If I can say that less than 24 hours after a rat was in my bedroom, God is at work. It is so cool to be available to help here and we are all thrilled with the new excitement each day brings.

The trip to PAP was so fun but the afternoon was great too. Britt fixed up the bandage on the little guy with the cut up eye from the other day. Band-aids and tylenol are nothing to us; but if you don't have anything like that you quickly learn how important those luxuries can be. The mom of the little boy is so clearly concerned for him. Britt did a great job again. Can you imagine having your kid get seriously cut and having no way to get him two hours to a hospital and having no way to even clean up and dress the cut?

The girls played football (catch really) with a few kids and worked on their Creole. They are trying so hard to learn and it is cute to watch them communicate with the Haitian kids their age.

The little kids all have a ride-on toy now so things are good for them too. Bon Dieu Bon!

(The newest highly overpriced bike, on the right.)