Sunday, February 19, 2006

Q & A

How did we get our stuff here?

We sent some stuff on a container that came here (to Haiti) by boat. Lifeline sends a container every December. They fill it with the supplies they think they'll need in the coming year. They send 5,000 "love bundles" down for that program, they send building supplies that are not available here. They send items that are spendy here. That is the reason I have a pantry filled with 100's of cans of vegetables ... it came on the container.

We sent one couch, three beds, a crib and a treadmill. We also sent toys and clothes. Most of our stuff came on the contianer.

There is a ministry called "Christian Aid Ministries" not far from here. Their ministry is mulit-faceted, they actually do a lot of feeding programs all over the world. Here in Haiti they are able to help Lifeline with containers because they are trusted due to their history and track record. They know how to get things in and out of Haiti without it being stolen; so Lifeline uses their help each year with shipping the container out of Michigan.

The house is totally furnished with kitchen stuff and many, many beds for teams. We just brought a few things to make if feel like ours. :) We really don't feel like we are missing any major item. We feel incredibly blessed, and lest we forget what we have; all we need to do is look out the front gate. We have A LOT!!!!!