Saturday, February 18, 2006

Creature Feature

This is a very common sight in Haiti. At least five times a day one of these creatures scurries by. None of us are scared of them. Isaac ran a baby one over with his bike tire today. That was kind of nasty.

Bugs are a big problem for Hope and Ike, but especially Isaac. He hates bugs. How nice for him that his parents brought him back to the land of many biting insects. At least a few times a day he wails "Maaaaaaa, a biting ant is in here." He'll get over it, we think. Hope seems to have accepted it. She puts her hand on her hip and says "Theres a-lots of bugs in Haiti Isaac." Stating the obvious is her specialty.

We think we have a mystery to solve regarding Pouki the Golden Retriever. What if she is not pregnant and instead she is just having serious mammary issues? We need to ask a bunch of questions to try and determine what exactly, we are dealing with. She is a nice dog though. Maybe not the watch dog we need, more of a calm nice pet ... but Troy is on the prowl and coming up with plan B for the watch dog. We may use those designated funds yet! That should be interesting. Maybe this time around we'll have some parameters. Probabaly not.

My Zoloft clock tells me it is time to go to bed ... only a few hours before the roosters start cock-a-doodle-dooing.

Sometime this weekend I hope he'll tell you about the little baby we got to pray for this week. It was one of those experiences where you can't believe it is happening, but it was very moving and cool.

Love and Prayers from La Digue. ~Tara~