Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Election Exit Polling

(Troy and Noah turning off the generator this afternoon.)

We hear that there was not much trouble in PAP today. According to our source in Port, things were relatively calm. He says it will be a few days before they declare a winner. Our exit polling really did not reveal much to us. We heard "Manigat" when we asked the head cook. We also heard Preval and Baker. Time will tell. Keep praying for peace when the results are announced.

The one way the election may effect this ministry is that many, if not all vendors and businesses are closed --- some say for the whole week. (That makes zero sense to capitalists --- why would they do that? One would think they want to sell their wares.) The feeding program uses 300 gallons of propane a week to cook the food for 1,000 kids. We are low on propane right now and will need some before Friday. We need someone to open up and sell us some propane. The simple things can be come difficult quickly here.

We walked to the dam this afternoon, LaDigue means The Dam, and there really is one here. Then we visited for just a few minutes in the village. Isaac wanted to come back right way and swing and pouted when we were out walking. A few kids teased him about not knowing Creole but because they were teasing in creole he did not know it. :) The kids come running to hold your hand and walk with you. We trade names and ages but to do anything other than that we'll need more creole.

After our walk we did family prayer time up at the prayer rock, then played on the swings. We had our all starch dinner and are hanging out watching A Bug's Life and thinking of playing a game.

The computer is in high demand tonight (one is not working) so I will turn them over to the girls and post photos of our outing to the dam, sometime tomorrow.