Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday's Photos

Jack-Jack standing on the lower level of the main building. New building in background. Our house directly above him. This is right outside of the classrooms. No school today though.
Troy with the Pastor of the Lifeline church, Pastor Odmy. He also has many other jobs here.
Britt, Paige, Ike & Jack at the "Prayer Rock." A neat spot where teams can have devotions.
Hope getting her hair braided by Madame Maxo, the head-cook of the feeding program.
Tara, Paige and Ike on the patio.
Britt showing off her refrigerator art work. If you sent us a photo, you're up there! Behind her is one of two doors out to the patio. That is it for photos for today. We had an awesome day today, the weather is so nice this time of year and we were all well rested. We'll write more tomorrow.