Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Further info on election mess

Troy has been needing to go to PAP for three days. He has been unable to go because each morning when he calls in to ask what things are like there; he is hearing that people are ticked off and blocking roads. It really is not violent at this point. They are mad; but as of today it has not gone much further than road blocks and threats of violence. Either way, Troy won't go to PAP until he gets the "all clear" from our friend Eddie (keep touching me man.)

As of this morning at about 11am Eastern time, rumors were swirling that Preval was in the Palace and an announcement would be coming. We have not heard that the announcement happened yet, but we wait anxiously along with 8 million Haitians. The newest (still unreported by the media????) rumor is that boxes of Preval ballots from poorer areas were taken and burned. Supposedly the UN did it. That sounds like ridiculous bunk to me. What parts are truth, what is fiction? Who knows?