Monday, February 20, 2006

Mail Information

There is no "Haiti Postal Service" so, in order to recieve packages in Haiti we will be using Agape Flights.

Agape is a ministry that serves missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

To get more info go to is the page with instructions for mailing things. The instructions are very detailed and helpful.

To ask any questions you can email

Mail to: Troy Livesay - PAP 17871

7990 15th Street East

Sarasota, FL 34243

We are doing great and most of what we "miss" having are not items you can mail to us. (Unless you have a great idea for getting a Godfather's pizza here.) I was asked to share ideas about things that are hard to buy/find here. The biggest ones are: fruit snacks, granola bars and candy. We will always appreciate books and movies but the suggested donation of $2.00 per pound may be somewhat limiting on heavier items. We have plenty of sunscreen and bugspray and pain medicine so for now those items are not needed. We love you and thank you for asking. God is good, all the time!