Thursday, July 20, 2006

All Hat, No Cattle

I am currently obsessed with idioms. I love words, I wish I knew more words ... the thesaurus is fun, but not as fun as a web-site of idioms I found recently.

All hat, no cattle is when someone talks big, but cannot back it up. Today I am all hat, no cattle.

I am guilty of it because I say I can choose to keep things at arms length and not get all emotional and involved. But, I found out this morning when I visited Lori's Blog, that I am full of it. (That is an idiom too, but one that rides right on the edge of my editors comfort zone on the "missionary" blog.) My editor is engaged in other activities so I am free to use any words I want.

The point of this post is not to assume you want to learn new words and phrases. The point is, I went to Lori's Blog and bawled my head off. Emotions seem raw today. That is okay. I don't know how Lori and Licia and Mr. Zach do the ministry work that they do. I am thanking the good Lord above that I don't face what they face each day. Pray for them. Pray for their patients. They are daily doing the work of James 1:27 . Their version of that work is the Full Monty.

(To go to Lori's blog, click on the words "Lori's blog" above. Be prepared to be sad.)