Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Stuff

I don't have much to report this evening. After church we went out to eat and then to friends for frozen coffee & dessert. I had purposefully not told them it was my birthday, but out of nowhere came a cake with candles and a gift, a sweet surprise. There was not Tchako rice, but it was still a party.

The first place we tried to go to for lunch was open ... technically. But the employees had not shown up so they did not let us order our pizza. It hit us at about 15 minutes that we really have accepted that part of the culture. No one was mad, or impatient really. We just sat waiting, as if it is normal to have a restaurant be open but then be unwilling to take the order of the hungry and expectant customer. Totally normal. Troy went up to ask after a while-

Troy-When will you take our order?
Owner- My workers are not here.
Troy-Right, I heard that but when will you take our order.
Owner-When my workers get here.
Troy-When will that be?
Owner-I don't know. They are not here.
Troy-Okay. So, no way to estimate when?
Owner- Yes, when they get here.

At that point we moved on to choice number two of two. The owner seemed surprised we were not willing to hang out and wait for the mystery employees to show up at the mystery time. He said "OH! You're going?!?" Uh, yes sir. We are going.

Not a problem, not even close to being worth getting your dander up.

When we got back to LaDigue the kids & Troy gave me my gifts. I got two soap-stone statues, both of a mom and her children. Then Troy handed me an envelope that my dad had given me to bring to Troy after my grandma's funeral.

Apparently I smuggled in my own birthday gift after the funeral earlier this month. Troy was thinking about birthday gifts for me in early July while I was not here, when he was dealing with kids and generators and all sorts of things, I told you he's a keeper.

Oh, he got me Happy (perfume Clinique.) Perfume is vital here, it's perfume or eau de staaaankie pits.

I just finished reading all my fun email. Thank you!

Much love from our house to yours.