Monday, July 31, 2006

The L.D. on Monday

Lisa (here for a week, fun girl, one woman team) took this photo on the way into Port this morning. We are looking across water at the southern stretch of the island. It is gorgeous spot.

We have been forcing clothing onto Jack-Jack as often as possible. By the time he goes to MN he should be ready to wear clothing for 6 hours straight. On the way home from church he needed to get free. He'd reached his daily limit.

Please don't send me hate mail, I recognize that he is not in a car seat. The entire country is car-seat free, and while we usually use one, we needed room in the truck for Lisa. The lecture would be wasted because I know this is a bad idea, you'd be preaching to the choir.

In front of us you can see the Haitian police on a motorcycle, the cop on back was carrying a honkin shot-gun but it does not show up in this photo.
Lisa teaching English at the McHoul's English camp today.

The big excitement of the day, this donated play set is being assembled as I type. There are some very loud and hyper kids out there waiting in great anticipation for it to be complete.

Britt is working her buns off to finish her last few days of school work. She is close to totally recovered from her denga-phoid, she still tires a bit easier than she did before she was sick. She is anxious to mail in all her final tests and call herself a Junior. Next year she has been accepted into a post-secondary program at Northwestern College that will allow her to earn HighSchool and College credits simultaneously. Woot woot to free college. She will be able to do that from Haiti. Such a cool thing.

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