Monday, July 10, 2006

Down with Dengue

It will be weeks before the super-mosquito killing machine gets here ... until then we have officially renounced all mosquitoes and any authority they think they have over us. ;)

Troy and I have differing opinions on the horror that is Dengue. He thinks the bone pain was the worst. I would say the night where my hands and feet swelled up like Kielbasa Sausage links and itched so bad I wanted to amputate, was by far the worst.

Either way, the worst seems to be over and my largest complaint is being physically tired after short amounts of activity ... all things being relative this is not a big problem. Thank you Lord for getting us through it.

Once again, Troy is in Port au Prince taking care of business and working hard. I continue to be proud of the way he juggles all the mission responsibility and still spends time loving on & spending time with our kids. He is a gem! We are so glad to have him healthy.

Thanks for your continued prayer support.
All our love,
T&T Britt, Paige, Ike, Hope, Noah & Peanut