Saturday, July 01, 2006

They're Off

Tara and Paige left Haiti today and should be back in Minnesota around eleven o'clock tonight, central time, I think. Time is such a fluid thing in Haiti, my time zones and flight times may not be accurate. Please pray for safe travels for them. Tara will attend her Grandma's funeral and Paige will visit her Dad. We'll be missing them LOTS while we sweat and really "rough it" for a while. I have a whole new appreciation for ice cubes, the lukewarm water is getting less and less refreshing. Today I didn't have any luck renting a temporary replacement generator, and I struck out again when I tried to hot-wire a small backup generator to a water pump so we could get some running water going. Back to the drawing board tomorrow. I'll try to keep up the blog while Tara's gone, but that's a pretty tall order, especially with limited power. I know many of you are addicts now, though, so I'll keep you updated. (Just don't expect the same level of art, quality of writing, humorous anecdotes, or pictures of children out of this guy.) Thank you for all of your love and prayers,
Troy & Tribe