Monday, July 17, 2006

Morning Fun!



My mom is painting my room, Britt and my dad are gone and I am playing with my brothers and sister so my mom can get finished up with my room.

This morning there was some excitement! I want to tell you about it. There was a bird in the house. It was just trying to get out and was having trouble. Lumen, the lady who helps with cleaning, called a couple of the guys in the front yard up to help. Emanuel and Erman came up to help. Well first Emanuel tried his hat that did not work. SO then we tried the broom. We got more luck. (OH and while all this is happining my mom was being a baby and hiding out in the office) He swong at it many times finally, he got it to go to the ground. IT fell behind the couch. So he moved the couch and he just PICKED IT UP WITH HIS HANDS!! NO problume.Then of course they wanted a picture of their good work. I took this photo. I was laffing so hard when he was like using all his power to get this thing down on the ground. He worked up a sweat.

Have a good day!