Sunday, July 16, 2006

Current LaDigue Painting Projects

Paige has chosen Orange Sherbet colored paint for her walls...actually, she wanted true orange, but the guy at the "good" paint store said he was running out of tint and was not willing to sell any dark colors. He figured the tint, that was supposed to come in by June, would show up someday soon. Aaaahh Haiti, flexibility is the key. Paige is very gumby-like and rolled with it.

I am working on stenciling the Lord's Prayer around the top of the kitchen. It has been stuck at "Forgive us our debts as we..." for about 14 days ---- leaving some to believe we cannot forgive our debtors, but really, it has more to do with heat rising, and not wanting to stand that close to the ceiling in mid-July. A team comes July 26. That will motivate us to get to forgiving others and beyond. ;-)