Saturday, July 29, 2006

More Running Stories

Troy kept his date with me this morning, and it was indeed a hot date. In more ways than one.

An interesting thing has happened with the people on the road who shout out "Blan blan blan." (Blanc is French, Blan is Creole and they both just mean white outsider to the people saying it.)

I think I told you that I tested out replying with, "Ayisyen." (Haitian) Now it has gotten to the point that once they call me Blan, they are very much wanting and even expecting me to respond with "Ayisyen." Then they laugh hysterically as if it was the first time I had ever said it. If I don't say it, then they will say it for me. So, we played that game again today on the run. Troy said "Just give the people what they want." ;-)

The one little bump in the road (other than the eight million REAL bumps in the road) was when two motorbike decided to mess with us. They basically purposefully drove in towards us even though there was all sorts of road on either side to go around us. It appeared that one guy was going to hit Troy on his bike and the other was trying to intimidate me. Troy stuck his arm out to protect himself and ended up brushing or hitting the guys shoulder.

So, he of course turns around to come back and argue over why Troy did that and why it happened and blah blah blah. When he stuck his arm out I was thinking "WHAT are you doing? This is not our country, PLEASE, just let them jerk us around."

And now, my chance to use the very weirdest idiom of all time. Troy bearded the lion in his own den by gosh. For real. That is something people say??? Oh, sure sure ... we have all said that thousands of times. Rolls right off the tounge. The next time he tries to beard the lion in his own den, I hope I am not there to witness it, I'd rather not experience that level of nervousness too often. He's kind of a "tough guy". That must be where Isaac gets it. Heh heh.