Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Movin' On Up


I used to share a room with my brothers and little sister. I liked it okay it was across the hall from my parents. I was kind of scared so I thought I needed them. I am not scared anymore. Now I decided it is time to have my own room. I am way down by Britt on the mission-team side of the house.

The man who started Lifeline is getting older. He does not come to Haiti so often anyomore. He said I could take his room in the mission house. It has its own bathroom! I wanted to show you my new space. It is Arnold's old room. I am movin up in the world!

Then, lastly-This is Lumen. She comes to sweep and mop or do dishes in the mornings. I am getting better at Creole so lots of times I can chat with her while she works.

My summer is pretty fun.