Thursday, July 13, 2006

Weather Advisory?

A smart-aleck friend sent this to me, wondering if Haiti's local governments had issued similar warnings in recent days and weeks.

No, no they haven't.

Buck-up Minnesotans.

"Last update: July 13, 2006 – 2:14 PM
Heat warning issued, watering restrictions sprout

From staff, wire resources

The National Weather Service this morning issued an "excessive heat watch" for
Hennepin and Ramsey counties this weekend, saying in its bulletin that a
"buildup of heat and high humidity is expected to result in dangerous heat
[readings] between 100 and 105 on both Saturday and Sunday."
The Weather Service also cautioned that nighttime lows in the 70s over this
current warm stretch can lead to "unsafe levels of heat" in buildings that lack air

PS- Every building lacks air conditioning here. It feels very
"unsafe." ;-) HA!