Saturday, July 22, 2006


Troy got up and out of dodge early this morning. He called to report that he had a moment of panic when there was no ground beef at the grocery store. We have promised 25 people taco's tomorrow, and we plan to deliver. Shells with cheese, lettuce and tomato might not be too filling. He found a store-employee-guy who went in search of beef and moved on with his shopping.

My intent is to clean, the kind of cleaning that does not happen very often. Haiti is a difficult place to keep a clean house. The dust is atrocious. We sweep every day, mop every-other day and dust less frequently. That leaves us with these issues:

It takes 25 people coming to our house to motivate us to dust. If we dust too early in the day we'll have to do it again before they get here at lunch time tomorrow, so we will save dusting for an early evening activity. Something to look forward to FOR SURE! ;-) I am trying to figure out a way to make dusting a FUN activity. I am zeroing in on a dusting competition -- the idea is still forming but I bet it will be A LOT of fun.

Thankfully, we are armed to the teeth with cleaning supplies and ready to take on the job. A team comes Wednesday so we are making Tuesday's cleaning that much easier. Nice.

Clearly, sitting here writing a blog is not doing much to improve the looks of the house. Stalling over.