Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Typhoid Britt Update

My uncle wrote asking about Britt ...

She has had four doses of Cipro. She is sleeping a lot. She is taking a bunch of Advil to help with fever and aches. It is a little soon to expect her to feel all better, but for a while yesterday she felt well enough to come take care of this little girl with a burn on her leg. She has not seen many burns yet so she wanted to try out her newly learned burn-treatment skills.

This morning she had a low fever when she woke up but it has since broken. Adam came and dropped off two watermelons, instructing that one was for Britt only. Adam likes Britter. We thanked him but did not tell him that we suspect that Britt got Typhoid from our lackluster way of washing the watermelons before we cut them up. THAT is gonna change!

Thanks for praying for our watermelon, fever girl.

Peanut is standing watch at Britt's bedside. We have never owned a really smart dog (no offense Bob & Karen) so to see the way Peanut is worried about Britt is quite cute.

Have a great Wednesday!