Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Odd Couple

Isaac & Noah, brothers, through and through ... the peculiar things they think to do:

This morning, coming to me with their urgent need...
"Mom, mom ... mooom - we need food for our pet."
"What pet?"
"In the bucket, look what we caught."

I braced myself for lizards, bird or mouse.

See Photo of (dead) bug in yellow pail.

Later, while outside swinging...
Isaac- "Ma, can white people be in the sun or is the sun for brown people?"
Me- "Isaac the sun is for everyone, why do you ask, who is white?"
Isaac- (laughing at the stupid question) "Haaaha ... YOU and NOAH are!"
Me- (testing him on Sunday's confusion) "Okay, well what about Joe and Ben?"
(Joe and Ben are the Tlucek's Haitian TWIN sons.)
Isaac- "Joe is brown, Ben is white." (duh!)