Saturday, July 15, 2006

Heading Into Crazytown

This weekend we find ourselves headed to Port au Prince two days in a row. Today, to go to Agape mail (only open on Saturday's) to see if a few long awaited items have arrived, and then Paige is dying to paint her room (and when I say Paige is dying to paint her room I mean she is dying to have us paint it.) So we are going to the "good" paint place in Petionville so she can have the full range of color choices.

Tomorrow we are going to church, because of illnesses and travel we have been gone from our church since June 11 so we are very excited to get back.

Britt has officially decided she is a village girl, so she is sitting it out today and staying home. She "hates" Port ... and can only force herself to go in once this weekend. The empty house with no loud and annoying little siblings *might* be playing into her decision?

Have a great weekend! Hopefully all of you in HOT HOT HOT Minnesota won't perish from the heat. Oh, also, a SHOUT OUT to the Porter Family Reunion in South Dakota. We love you, we wish we were there doing what Porter's do best with all of you. Eat something for us will ya?

T-T-B-P-I-H-N-Peanut too!