Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sweaty & Scratchy Sunday

These are photos from our day. Church was fun and hot. Our party was fun and hot. :) There were 27 + our family ... lots of the people are here short-term to work with the McHoul's on a English Camp Outreach project. It was a really good day. The stories of why people come to serve here are always so interesting. Friendships form easily with the common bond of a love for Haiti.

I hesitate to put it in writing, because I don't want to become the bum-you-out-reporter. All of us have experienced *that* person who is never well, always reporting ailments and health issues. We DON'T want to be that person.

But, after watching Britt this week and talking to Dr. Jen H. in MN all week, I really think Britt is fighting Typhoid and Dengue at the same time. Her rash today looks the exact same as mine did and she has the same thing with the palms of her hands and feet itching, an intense kind of itching that I cannot adequately describe. Her fevers are completely done, she is moving through the stages, it will end soon. So, nothing but a mom's gut feeling (and a smart Dr. who thinks it sounds possible) to go on, but mom's have smart guts.

I am just sharing this because we covet continued prayers for Britt. She's tired of laying around. Tomorrow makes a week, so if you could pray specifically that tomorrow would be the day this ENDS for her.

I will close with the some interesting lessons and thoughts from Phillipians. Paul wrote the letter from a Roman prison, yet the theme if JOY -- Joy in suffering, joy in serving, joy in believing, joy in giving. Concepts that are challenging to live out. Really challenging. Paul taught us that we are to be joyful in every circumstance. WHY? Because Christ still reigns, and we still know him.

Phillipians 4:4- Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again--rejoice!

Oftentimes easier said than done, but we are trying our hardest.
We love you! ~Tara