Monday, July 31, 2006

Sophia Update

Sophia in May

You might remember we asked you to pray for Sophia a while back. She was the tiny 11 month old baby that weighed less than 9 lbs when we met her. (Paige and Britt both weighed that at one week old.) To read more about her and her family, click here. She spent three and a half weeks with us and a few nights at the Cazale Resucue Center. Her blood work showed that she had become severely anemic, to the point that she was refusing food and needed to be force-fed.

After her time here she went back to her grandmother. We followed up a bit by bringing her food with vitamins crushed in it each morning.

Last Sunday Sophia's grandma brought her to see us. She looks great! Thanks to all who prayed for this little peanut girl.

God is good. Bondye Kapab

She is delayed developmentally (most kids are here) but she is no longer anemic. The first two pictures are how she looked the day after she came to Lifeline. You can get an idea how tiny she was in the photo with Noah. The last ones are at her home down the road from us and how she looks now. She lost her Don King hair, replacing it with some chubbier cheeks.

Sophia and her grandma the house where Sophie lives with her aunt, grandma and cousins...