Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Road Troubles - Part 2

It was a bad day for white vehicles in Port au Prince Sunday.

This is the hole in the road that has been there since we got here and probably a lot longer. We are not really sure why it cannot just be filled in to avoid these situations. The last truck we photographed in this hole was a big semi, the solution after that happened was to put this piece of concrete in the hole. Insufficient solution, as you can see.

In the USA when something like this happens, an officer arrives and helps you figure out how to get off the road. He takes a report and you trade insurance info. In Haiti when something like this happens, no officer comes, no one helps you figure out how to move your vehicle. Usually you find 20 strong guys and you physically remove it with just man-power. Tow trucks are not a common thing.

While we dislike paying insurance premiums on our vehicles, we think it is the superior way of doing things. Especially if you are accident prone, like some drivers (who shall remain nameless) in our family.