Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who Needs DQ - I had a Date!

My baby loves me. He came home from Port with a surprise for me and me alone.

I am chicken to run alone here. Mace would not hold up to three or four guys if they wanted to take me.
I have only gone alone a handful of times and it was never very enjoyable. The treadmill is sooooo boring. Waaaaaah wahhhh.

So my sweetie, knowing that I miss running on something other than a stinking hamster wheel, thought of me and arrived home with this gift. We went five miles together today and it was marvelous. Woot. What a guy. ~Tara

On buying a bicycle in Haiti, by Troy-

The most important features to look for in a Haiti bicycle are a comfortable seat and shock absorbers. If it happens to have working brakes and gears, you're way ahead of the game. I stopped at a few vendors selling bicycles along the way home, but had a hard time meeting those specifications. When I did see a bike along the side of the road with a suspension system, I quickly pulled over. I asked the man standing next to it if it was for sale. He answered no, but when he turned around and saw me, he said "but I will sell it to you". That's always a bad sign. I'm not sure if it's because I look like a sucker, or if the white skin leads everyone to believe I have money to throw around. We haggled for a while, and I eventually got him down to a fair price for a decent bike in Haiti - about fifty bucks. The shocks work (even though one of them is missing), the seat is adequate, and some of the gears work. The side of the bike advertises 21 gears, but in actuality, it has 7. The brakes work really well for stopping, but then require manually releasing them by pulling with your hand. It had a successful maiden voyage down the La Digue road with Tara today. I almost went into the canal once, but that was due to a side conversation with some local cat-calling children. All in all, it sure beats running.