Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Q. & A. & Criticism

Earlier in the day someone named "Carrie" sent an anonymous comment with questions on the "Haiti News" post ... rather than publish it, I am responding to her questions and ignoring all of the personal attacks. Here we go... (exact quotes are in red)

"You know I am just curious on what YOU do down there?" (she means me/Tara)

I agree with you, I have extra time on my hands. Especially now that it is summer and we have not had a team in a long time. I cannot really leave and go off property like Troy and Britt can, mainly because I am a mom to three kids under 5 plus one 11 year old who we homeschool.

So, yes, I have lots of access to computer time and without the normal USA distractions of running to swim lessons or Target or watching TV or talking on the telephone, it leaves me with computer time. BUT, here is what your comment has pointed out to me: I should not be on the computer so much. I need to cut back. My posts are usually very short in the morning, at naptime and after bedtime and are five minutes here and there but still, I think I should be on here less. Thanks for pointing that out.

I am sorry that it angers you (it must based on the personal attacks) that I am not doing what Troy and Britt do. Sometimes I get in on some ministry action, and that is so fun, but not usually. Even with stopping by the computer too often, I manage to cook (or something close to it) and clean and do laundry and take care of kids and run. But that is all I do.

Carrie went on to tell me that it is really irritating when I write about what I have to go without ... she said who cares if you have to go without a generator or soda.

I think she was referring to the tongue-in-cheek diet soda posts. I think she does not understand that this blog is filled with sarcasm and she thinks I really do find no diet pop to be a problem.

I am sorry that some people who read the blog don't know me and don't understand my sense of humor. She thinks I complained about the generator. From this post (click here) I have no idea where she gets the idea that I don't know how incredibly blessed I am. No idea.

For petes sake you have someone clean YOUR house,I mean come on that is a little much for a missionary.

I cannot name one missionary in Haiti that does not in some form, employ a domestic helper. It is a little concept called creating jobs. This country has a very high unemployment rate. The lady who comes to our house for an hour each day (five days a week) would be so sad to not have this work. She can have pride in earning her own money and the satisfaction of being self-sufficient.

You know why you don't feel you should have to give these people things, because you have everything even in a third world country, so quit your whining, you chose to live there deal with what the lord has givin you instead of always complaining.

Uh, I have no idea what she is talking about. I think she misunderstands us. As we posted last week, we give what we can as the Lord leads. We know we have everything. We are happy and excited to be here. Other than the struggles with illness I don't know why she thinks we are doing a bad job of dealing gracefully with living here.

Ok so I figure if you can vent,then I can vent also.Carrie