Saturday, June 24, 2006

3 am Conversations with a 2 Year Old

Last night was not one of our best nights. I have not been scared at all with Troy gone but last night I thought I heard something and then I had a hard time calming myself back down.

Right after I got up and tip toed around this huge house listening and checking on everyone I heard Noah whining quietly for me. "Mooooomy, Mooooomy" so since there is a big empty spot in my bed I got him out of his crib and brought him in with me. It was just before 3am.

He acted like someone forced him to drink four cups of coffee, he was NOT tired. He is a very verbal kid and tries to talk a lot, we just don't understand most of it. Last night he had more to say than anytime in recent memory. I cannot remember all of it ...

Noah-Mama, I am sleeping in here with you?
Me-Sure honey, let's go to sleep.
N-It is dark in here mama?
Me-Yes, it is so we can sleep, let's do that.
N-Mama, daddy is dead? (No idea where that one came from!)
Me-No, remember dad is just in MN with grandma and papa.
N-Oh, oh-tay (he refuses to say OK)
Me-Let's go to sleep now honey.
N-I am gonna sing Mama. (proceeds to sing a made up jibberish song for five minutes)

At that point it was about 3:20, I heard another noise and had the fast heartbeat thing again. I knew it was just me being a freak. I layed there scared, trying to calm my thoughts and then said "Jesus, Jesus" sort of to calm myself down. Noah said, "loves me." I laughed out loud at him and that fueled him for further conversation.

N-You think I am funny Mama?
Me-Yes, I do, now let's sleep.
N-I am sleeping with you Mama?
N-I wanna go see Ikeeee Mama. (never Isaac, always Ikeeee-long on the E)
Me-No, we are sleeping now. We are not waking him up.
N-(sits up, wrestles around tries to have a dance party on the bed punches me HARD in the bridge of the nose)
Me-(yellping in pain) I am gonna need to put you back in your crib. I want to sleep.
N-Sorry Mama.
N-Oh-tay Mama. Shhhh Go to Sleep!
Me- Right, that is wha-
N(cuts me off) SSHHHHH! Quiet! I'm sleeping.
45 seconds of quiet
N-Rub my back Mama.
Me-(rubbing his back)
Me- (falling asleep after about five minutes) (Hand goes still)
N- MA, WAAAKE UPPPP! Rub my baaack!
Me-(rubbing his back another five minutes)
N- Mama?
Me-I am not talking anymore Noah.
N- Mama, Peanut said "stupid head" (Peanut is the dog and stupid head is an irritating new phrase that he learned from the big boys.)
Me-Peanut said that? I am gonna have to talk to her about that.
N-Oh tay you can Mama. Peanut said it.
Me- Noah, for real, I am done talking now, I want to sle-
N-(cuts me off again) QUIET, I am sleeping Ma... Shhhhhhh

At about 4:15 I looked at the clock for the last time. He was snoring like he has Porter genes or something. Dad, you would have been proud.