Tuesday, June 27, 2006


"God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply" ~Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China

When we first moved here, Troy told me that one of the very smart mechanic-type guys from the first mission trip looked at the generator and said "You must be on the mission field, because there is no reason that thing should be running."

We have heard countless stories of things that should not work ... miraculously working. From generators to vehicles, all kinds of things chug along supporting God's work.

You have seen that the generator has given us a few scares since we moved here. The most recent problem has to do with a cylinder that sticks ... but there are only two cylinders so having one stick is not leaving you with much to work with. Last night it seemed to hit a major wall. We all lost power for good around 9pm (and water comes to us via a pump that requires power.)

HERE IS THE COOL PART...Lifeline had been praying about funds for such a large purchase and we had been praying that this generator would keep going until the large purchase could be made. God heard all of that and answered in a surprising way this weekend.

My uncle retired after many, many years teaching and asked that people consider donating to Lifeline. One very large and many other donations were made ... totalling the GIFT OF A GENERATOR!!!

That happened Saturday, the generator gave out Monday ... God knows all about this stuff. He sees our needs and He provides.

Worst case senerio, we go without power for a week or so .... but the gift came at the perfect time and God provides. For now, as Troy shared ... the Hoppa's have a small generator running to their house to give them lights and a refrigerator (no internet).

I would have stayed ... but, no husband added with no lights, no phone, no computer and no water was more than I could handle. I have a breaking point. The kids and I are at a hotel in Port where they can swim until it is time to get daddy at the airport tomorrow. Once Troy is with us we can handle our lack of modern convenicences much better.


 My favorite conversation of the day, before I go back to my semi-icky hotel room...

Eddy- Tawah, Tawah ... I hear you that you want to come to Port. But this, it is the pwoblem. The soccer game is at 11am and the bad guys will do bad things during the soccer game because they know the UN is mostly Brazilian and won't be doing their job man. Okay, so don't come during the soccer game.

Me- Okay Eddy, I will wait.

Eddy- Okay Tawah. You tell Troy to get back to you his wife, it is not nice for him to leave you liek this. You can get him some Toro and then he will be so glad to be home.

Me- Okay Eddy. See you later today.

Eddy-Okay, whatever it is I can help you with it Tawah you just tell me because I am here this is my cone-tree and I want you to keep touching me because my job is to help. Call me when you leave, okay Tawah?

Me- Got it. Okay. I just want to come because I have no water to bathe my stinky children. No lights either.

Eddy-Yes, I know, you are a missionary. Missionaries need lights and water. They are not Haitian. It is okay.

Thanks for lovin us ---- we love you all back. More when we can ... Tara