Thursday, June 01, 2006

More Weird Small World Things

Last week I flipped out when a guy who grew up in the same suburb of Mpls, & went to my HighSchool, Junior High, and Elementary School walked into my house in LaDigue, Haiti. That is SO strange.

Haiti's population is about 8.3 million. Minnesota has a population very close to 5 million. (Brooklyn Park, MN population 67,000 and La Digue, population 400ish.)

What are the odds? I don't really care, I hated statistics ... but seriously, that is nutty.

Earlier this week a lady wrote me from Minnesota who knows Beth from adopting from John and Beth. (My closest friend in Haiti.) And, she knows Troy's best friend (and his wife) from HighSchool. (The best man at our wedding.)

That is weird, isn't it??? One random person who knows two VERY important people in our lives that are seperated by three thousand miles and a bunch of salt water.

I think it is strange. Even if you don't. Freaky strange actually.

God is in the details.

Must sleep.